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Both constructions use the same type of material, basically a thermoset FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), which includes specially formulated resins, flame retardants and UV stabilizers to produce the unique benefits which characterize fiberglass reflectors. Because some antenna installations must exist in environments containing many corrosive agents, the materials in the construction of the antenna must be carefully selected to alleviate corrosion problems. Obviously, in the case of an aluminum structure, dissimilar metal contact is always a risk factor. A fiberglass dish, on the other hand, all but eliminates this problem - for obvious reasons. The resins used in antennas have been subjected to both field and laboratory tests involving over 130 highly corrosive chemicals at temperatures up to at least 120 F (50 C), with results that indicated little or no detectable degradation of the test samples.

Tencom is a manufacturer of fiberglass-reinforced composite rods. Through the use of the manufacturing process known as "Pultrusion", we are able to produce composite rod products in a variety of custom lengths and colors. Ourcompany is dedicated to providing its customers consistently high quality product at the very best prices and with no compromises in customer service. Our company can service almost any need in pultruded composite rod. If you use or are considering using composite rod, contact us for a competitive quote. Our company also offers several secondary operations, including the rods punching and drilling of fiberglass. Continuous fiber reinforcement in roving or mat/ roving forms are drawn through a resin bath to coat each fiber with a specially formulated resin mixture. The coated fibers are then drawn through a heated die.

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